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CNC YAG Laser Plate Cutting Machines
1. Cantilever mechanical structure and casting body ensure stable performance without deformation.

2. The professional control system ensures cutting quality and easy operation.

3. AC servo motor drive system and precise screw drive for movements with linear guides ensure the high efficiency, high precision, and high reliability of the equipment.  

4. The screw and the rails adopt fully enclosed protective devices to prevent dust pollution, extending the life of the transmission parts and ensure the movement precision of machine tools.

5. Low operating cost, only 1/5-1/7 of the similar CO2 laser cutting machine's cost, and low maintenance costs, only 1/10-1/15 of CO2 laser cutting machine's.
CNC YAG laser plate cutting machines are widely used in manufacture of sheet metal, metal products, electrical appliances, steel, precision machinery, auto parts, glasses, nameplates, advertising, packaging and other industries.
Specifications (Unit) NC-PLY1530 NC-PLY1560
Cutter System
Plate Cutting Working Area mm 1500*3000 1500*6000
CW Laser Power Watts 1000, 500, or customized
Laser Wavelength nm 1064
Kerf Width mm 0.15-0.6
Cutting Length mm 3000(or customized)
Rapid Feed mm/min 2000
Cutting Thickness Carbon Steel≤5mm, Stainless Steel≤3mm
Cutting Speed Depends on raw materials, please consult with sales representative for more information.
Positioning Accuracy mm/m ≤±0.05
Repeatability mm/m ≤±0.03
CNC YAG Laser Plate Cutting Machines
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