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Multi-torch Flame Cutting Machines
1. Strong gantry structure, bilateral or unilateral drive.

2. There are multi groups of torches installed in the front of the work trolley for longitudinal straight cutting and one group of transverse torches at back for cross straight cutting.

3. Numbers and configurations of torches can be customized. Multiple kerfs can be cut at the same time by one movement of the work trolley.
Multi-torch flame cutting machines are widely used in metal processing and steel structure construction industry for strip cutting.

Specifications Unit NCM-PD
Cutter System
Cutting Width  3200 mm to 7200mm, or customized  
Cutting Length Can be customized.  
Rapid Feed mm /min ≤6000
Torch Type and Quantity Multiple flame torches can be configured according to customer ’s specifications.
Cutting Thickness mm  
Cutting Speed
Depends on raw materials, please consult with our sales representatives for more information.
Positioning Accuracy mm/m ≤ ±0.2
Repeatability mm/m ≤±0.3

Multi-torch Flame Cutting Machines
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