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Pipe Water-jet Cutting Machines in NCM Group Machinery Corporation
Update:2014-11-18 10:46:42
Pipe water-jet cutting machines manufactured by NCM Group Machinery Corporation are some of the most versatile industrial cutting systems on the market. Our pipe water-jet cutters are available for practically any materials and you can cut it with minimum waste and maximum efficiency.

Our pipe water-jet cutters can contour cut materials to any shape that customers required, no matter stone, steel, glass, gasket foam, or about any materials you can get on the bed, and the thicknesses can up to 250mm as standard.

Pipe water-jet cutting machines are easy to operate and even easier to possess. Because of no tooling involved and materials require little or no fixing or clamping, Jobs are simple to set up. Because of our class leading digital motion control systems, that engineering precision is assured at all times.
The absolutely versatility of our pipe water-jet cutting machines makes them an irresistible proposition, particularly for those companies looking for a viable, not to mention environmentally friendly, alternative to heat-based cutting technologies such as plasma or laser.
Whether you need cantilever water-jet cutting machines for all kinds of metal, marble, granite, glass, ceramic tile, rubber, plastic, virtually any materials, or you want five-axis intelligent water-jet cutting machine for your costomers' special need, you can rely on NCN group machinery corporation to deliver the best CNC water-jet system for your business.
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