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Portable NC Pipe Cutters
1.Compact design, light weight, suitable for outdoor operation, low energy consumption, simple operation without drawing.

2.It can do elbow section cutting and intersectional cutting. It can cut spiral seam pipes and coated pipes, even out-of-round pipes.

3.Double sprocket design gives longer life, and flexible orbital track allows easy application on tough irregular pipe surface.
Portable NC pipe cutters can cut steel, stainless steel, and cast iron pipes or vessels that require crosscourt or intersection line cutting, for example, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, and large diameter chemical, water pipelines.

Specifications Unit NCM-XBI NCM-XBII
Cutter System  
Cutting diameter/side length mm 320-3000 ( or customized) 320- 3000 ( or customized)
Bevel Angle degree 0 ≤±45
Rapid Feed mm/min 800 4000
Torch type and quantity   Flame/plasma,1 Flame/plasma,1
Cutting thickness Flame cutting:6-60mm; Plasma cutting: depends on plasma sourse, please contact with our representatives for more information
Cutting Speed Depends on raw materials,please consult with our representatives for more information
Positioning accuracy mm/m ≤±0.3 ≤±0.3
Repeatability mm/m ≤±0.2 ≤±0.2

Portable NC Pipe Cutters
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